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ICO, STO, IEO, IDO are the current acronyms which the projects that want to raise funds and operate in blockchain are presented by. It is not just about coins (crypto-coin), but much more: from useful and innovative startups to scams that pollute the market. How to recognize one from the other? Where to invest to strengthen those who deserve it?

We have built an answer for both questions. Confidence is a company that, through an investigative and intelligence-oriented approach, wants to see clearly by looking closely and in-depth at all the projects that apply to raise funds.

We are digital investigators, with decades of experience in the field. If the starting points are opaque, we will tell you clearly and directly, through the analysis of a plurality of information sources. For this reason we attribute to each crypto-asset project three complementary and independent ratings assigned by funders, analysts and algorithms.

The rating of

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The investors are the first to be concerned about the fact that their investment produces the desired return. They will therefore be able to make an objective contribution to the evaluation of crypto-assets by providing the knowledge they possess, deriving from direct information on the way the investment is proceeding. They represent the first human rating.

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The world intelligence community is extensive: from economic analysts to computer experts, each of them able to assess the technical or financial aspects of the projects. The more experts will analyze the crypto-projects, the more it will be possible to separate the scams from the projects that benefit those who really have a solid and innovative idea. They represent the second human rating.

Confidence Algorithm


The algorithm devised by Confidence takes into account multiple parameters, weighted according to an innovative analytical model. Many aspects are evaluated: functional, organizational, technical, economic and much more. The algorithm - not influenced and totally independent - produces the third rating.

The advantage of

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Confidence’s rating is reliable and thorough. Investors need credible information to identify the most valuable projects. Confidence gives an impartial assessment, built on three ratings, with reports that allow, among other features, to view the time course projects’ rating. Join Confidence!

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For those who want to promote a project that will operate in blockchain, it is essential to have a high rating. Through Confidence you will have an objective and certified analysis of the reliability of the project which will therefore obtain the visibility it deserves, attracting the best investors. Join Confidence!

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They represent specialists (economic, financial, IT, etc.) who, upon acceptance by Confidence on the basis of an in-depth professionalism screening, will become part of the community of certified analysts. Through their qualified opinion they will become the reference point for investors. Join Confidence!


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