1World (1WO)

1World Interactive Platform for publishers and brands combines best-in-industry set of engagement and monetization tools (Polls, Quizzes, Debates, Trivia, Insights, Interactive Maps etc.) on the front-end and state-of-the-art Analytics and Audience Insights on the backend. 1World aggregates programmatic and direct deal advertising services linked to our widgets and is in Pilot with additional monetization via commercial data collection.



Analyst Rating


Investor Rating



Matt Ganeles

1World West Coast

Piyush Puri

VP of Brand Capital Worldwide, Times Group of India

Alex Yastremski

General Counsel, Bitfury

Ali Raheem

Partner / Principal

Austin King

Community Manager

Claire Lin

Graphic Designer

Dan Reich

Forbes, Harvard Business Review, BuddyMedia (acq. by SalesForce)

Daniella Franchin

Latin America Representative

Dmitry Birukov

Back-end Architect

Dmitry Kustov

CPA, owner of BitTax.io

Dmitry Mironov

Lead QA Engineer

Dmitry Volotskoy

Architect and ENG Lead

Dr. Augie Grant

Professor at University of South Carolina

Emily Kayton

1World East Coast

Eugene Slesarchuk

DevOps Engineer

Greg Kahn

Meredith Xcelerated, Publicis, Omnicom

Greg Osberg

CEO Revlyst, Ex-CEO Newsweek Philadelphia Media Network, CNET

James Zhang

CEO, Concept Art House and Spellgun, Expert in Gaming Industry

John Ricci

Head of US Angels, MG Capital, Crimson Growth

Jongseung Lim

Community Manager

Katia Kourtseva

1World West Coast

Kira Makagon

RingCentral (IPO in 2013), Red Aril (acq.by iCrossing), Scopus (IPO), Octane Software (acq. By Epiphany)

Lera Kulikova

UX/UI Designer

Lilia Shirman

1World West Coast

Matthew Le Merle

FIFTH ERA, Keiretsu Capital Keiretsu Forum

Michael Minkevich

Luxoft (LXFT) – IPO in 2013, StarForce Technologies, Novosoft

Namho Chung

Korea Representative

Nathan McDonald

CEO Keiretsu Capital, Head of Keiretsu North-West

Nazar Pylypiak

Front-end Engineer

Neville Taraporawalla

Managing Partner

Nikhil Shah

India Representative

Peter Saulinier

Managing Partner

Phil Yin

Managing Partner

Robert Kovtiuk

Back-end Engineer

Sean Koh

Owner Koherent Records

Sergei Makedonski

Russia Representative

Ted Sanford

FlashSoft (acquired by SanDisk), Baccel, Infravio, AppStream

Tina Ghataore

Band of Angels

Valentina Volotskaya

R&D Executive Director

Vasiliy Suvorov

CTO Luxoft, Technical Head CryptoValley Blockchain Group

Alex Fedosseev

Brad Kayton

Takatoshi Nakamura

Japan Society for Security, Blockchain 2.0 & Security Expert & Inventor

Kyoko Watanabe

Mike Tanji

Japan Representative

Neville Tarapowalla

Ruth Lee

Graphic Designer

Vladimir Tyurenkov

Alison Davis

Chairman of Advisory Board, Blockchain.capital

David Schlesinger

Tripod Advisors, CCTV News, Thomson Reuters (Chief Global), Global Editors Network

Diana David

Vice President Financial Times, Advisor to Nest.VC in Hong Kong

Marios Anapliotis

COO Open Bouquet, 1World Tech Advisor

George Hara

CEO of DEFTA Partners Special Advisor to the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister of Japan



Blockchain Infrastructure

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Token distribution: 31% - mining via Publisher and Partners 31% - pre-sale and sale via ICO 31% - Reserve (Liquidity pool) 7% - Team Token allocation: Up to 30% - Core US Team: Business / Marketing / Customer Success Up to 25% - R&D and Technical support

The algorithm rating is calculated on the basis of many questions relating to the economic, corporate, IT and commercial aspects of cryptoassets.

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