AB-CHAIN to provide companies that have raised money through ICO with an ad network where they can buy online advertising. AB-CHAIN will include: direct contracts with publishers, directly connecting advertising side networks to the AB-CHAIN platform, proposing platform to traditional publishers that will allow them to add cryptocurrency as payment method. AB-CHAIN platform consists of several components interacting with each others: 1. Publishers Wallet 2. Advertisers office 3. Ad networks API 4. Advertising rotation system 5. Cryptocurrency exchanges integration



Analyst Rating


Investor Rating



Alex Shalin

System Administrator

Cate Lawrence

Head of Communication and PR

David Pomies

Co-founder, Business Development Director

Ivan Pshenitsyn

Co-founder, CTO

Kirill Remizov

QA engineer

Sergey Kuprianov

Software developer

Vladimir Dyakov

Founder, CEO

Vyacheslav Mirgorod

Software developer

Alex Savchenkov

Founder and President, cityads.com International advertising network

Artem Ozerkov

Head of Publishers, admitad.com advertising network

Christos Stergiou

Investors Relations in Greece and Canada

Dom Inzerillo

International Marketing and Community manager

Igor Bulatenko

Chief Security Officer, QIWI Bank

Ivan Pashintsev

UX Lead, QIWI Bank

Ivan Rogozhev

Software developer

Juan Garay

Kaimin Hu

AI and ML, AI product manager in Advance.ai, Accenture, Wailian Tech, San Francisco

Kirill Ermakov

Chief Technology Officer, QIWI Bank

Victor Ho

Investors Relations in China

Antony Oshkin

Chief Marketing Officer

Dmitry Kozlov

Head of Product, Alfa-Bank

Leonid Delitsyn

Head of Analytics, FINAM Global

Veronique Repeva

Account manager

Ivan Skladchikov

Community manager

Reuben Godfrey


Arseniy Strizhenok

ICO advisor LAToken, Co-founder & CMO Blockletter.co, Blockchain & ICO advisor EWDN.com

Adrien Henni

International strategy advisor



Blockchain Infrastructure

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ICO End Date


Soft Cap:


Hard Cap


Token Distribution:

70% Crowdsale Investors
15% Founders
5% Employees
4% Company Reserve
3% External Consultants
3% Bounty-program

ICO Token Supply


The algorithm rating is calculated on the basis of many questions relating to the economic, corporate, IT and commercial aspects of cryptoassets.

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