Fieldcoin’s mission is to connect blockchain technology to real estate property transactions and green crowdfunding projects, by creating a transaction instrument easing and accelerating the acquisition process. Fieldcoin ERC20 token (FLC) is known in the blockchain industry as the token for tokenizing and exchanging land on-chain. As of today, we use NFTs (ERC-721) as the mean to digitally represent real-estate properties and put them up for sale on our marketplace. The marketplace relying on Fieldcoin tokens, the so-called “Earth’s Metaverse”, will enable exchange, ownership verification, promotion, creation and data storing of Non-Fungible-Tokens representing real world properties. On top of that, the platform will enable the users to see their own properties on a digital map and to earn rewards by staking them. NFTs representing real world places bridged with Smart-contracts and DeFi are going to propel Fieldcoin as the leader of the real-estate revolution while tremendously boosting blockchain adoption.



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Marc Couzic

Founder & CEO

Alexandre Palubniak

Web Project Manager

Mamadou Konate

Lawyer and PHD

Jani Viellard

Acquisitions Manager

Ali Yazbek

Public Relations

Jeremie Joncas

Chief Operating Officer

Damien de Riberolles

Land Expert Manager

David Marandai

Eastern European Ambassador

José Miguel Núñez

Motion Designer

Ali Ayyash

Technical Advisor

David Teruzzi

Technical Expert

Joachim Lebrun

ICO Advisor

Elizabeth Waddington

Environmental Expert

Alexis Brand

Chief Operating Officer

David Princay

Communication Advisor

Mathieu Lecoq

Blockchain Developer

Farhan Mustafa




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