There is no favorable wind for the sailor
who doesn’t know where to go 

We have created Confidence so that everyone can benefit from it: investors with multiple and precise ratings; analysts with a professionalism to acquire or share and thanks to which to start earning as soon as possible;" startuppers



Analyst. I am a technician with humanistic roots. After graduating, I deepened the analysis of open sources and IT security, landing on the blockchain and the crypto world. I have a big problem: curiosity.


With a background in Business Intelligence, Fraud Detection and Investigations, I like to call myself a “specialist generalist“. I fell in love with the Internet from an early age and this brought me closer and closer to the world of crypto, until I became co-founder of Confidence. I love sports, especially basketball and I always try to live my life halfway between order and chaos.



It is the Confidence solution for anyone who wants to enter in the great world of the crypto-economy. Do you want advice on the project in progress? Do you have an idea, but you don’t know how to approach it? Ask us for information and we will find the solution to solve your crypto problems.

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Crypto oriented learning courses

Do you want to learn about the blockchain basic rules or do you need a personalized service to deepen some aspects of the great world of cryptoeconomy? We are at your disposal, we offer courses tailored for your needs. From the simplest to the most complex. Contact us and we will reveal all the secrets of the blockchain aimed at acquiring valuable information.

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The In-TDI service will be carried out by our best analysts. If you found an Analyst you trust and who has given you the most correct information, it is right that you can continue to rely on his analysis and he can receive the right economic recognition. Confidence, in exchange for a small fee, makes all its knowledge and information available to allow the analyst to continue offering quality content.

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For assistance requests or reports, contact us at info@confidence.cr