the confidence algorithm

The Confidence structure is organized in a simple and linear way. Three ratings - the first expressed by investors, the second by analysts, the third by the algorithm - which all together make it possible to offer a complete and comprehensive view of the entire cryptoassets.


The investor is the first to be interested about his investment in the project has the expected return. He will therefore be able to contribute to the valuation of crypto-assets by providing the knowledge he possess, deriving from direct information on the way the investment is proceeding. It represents the first human rating.


The global intelligence community is extensive: from economic analysts to IT experts, each capable of evaluating the technical or financial aspects of projects. More experts will analyze the crypto-project, higher it will be the possibility to separate the scams from the projects that benefit those who really have a solid and innovative idea. It represents the second human rating.


The algorithm devised by Confidence takes into account multiple parameters, weighted according to an innovative analytical model. Many aspects are evaluated: functional, organizational, technical, economic and much more. The algorithm - not influenced and totally independent - produces the third rating.