“The world of online research at the service of investments for the crypto economy.”.

Confidence.cr is an online platform dedicated to cryptoassets. We move with agility within the cryptoeconomy, we believe in the value of the blockchain and in projects that can bring positive change in everyone’s life.

What are the Confidence ratings?

There are three: the Investor rating, the Analyst rating, the Algorithm rating.

Can ratings change over time?

Yes, the ratings of analysts and investors can change over time, because their ratings can change.
The rating of the algorithm, which answers objective questions, is usually immutable.

Does Confidence accept money to change its rating?

No, Confidence does not accept money to change the Algorithm rating.

How do I become an investor?

After registration, it is necessary to send proof of the investment made. Any document in any format that proves participation in the project is fine.

How do I become an analyst?

During registration, you will be asked to enter your Linkedin profile. Only after acceptance will you have the opportunity to work with Confidence.

Can I be both an investor and an analyst?

Yes, by always filling in the respective forms, at the time of login the user can decide whether to browse Confidence.cr as an Analyst or an Investor.

Can the investor create reports?

No, the investor can only answer the Confidence questions. The result will create the investor rating.

Who creates the cryptoassets reports?

The Analysts. The reports can be drawn up and sold by analysts only after answering a few questions about the chosen cryptoasset.